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Studio Beauty Video Training

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Go Pro: Studio Beauty video training by Julia Kuzmenko McKim & Alexey Dovgulya

Studio Beauty Video Training

$199.00 $99.00

Studio Beauty video training was created for amateur and professional photographers who are interested in expanding into Beauty Photography, including both Beauty Portraits and Commercial Beauty.

The primary mission of this course is to teach you, the photographer, how to confidently and consistently set up beautiful lighting for portraits and beauty photography, as well as how to plan and execute a photo shoot when working with a creative team. 

Please note that this course does not include post-production!



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The authors, Julia Kuzmenko McKim (Los Angeles, CA) and Aleksey Dovgulya (Moscow, Russia), are internationally published commercial photographers with extensive teaching experience around the world.

Our training consists of video segments (3 hours) and a digital book (103 pages). The digital book will guide you through the course. Please begin by reading the book and then watch the videos in the order of their appearance in it. 

Though we do go over many important beginner subjects such as lens selection and understanding how strobes work, the majority of the materials cover Intermediate to Advanced-level workflow and technique.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Duration: 3 hours
Digital Book: 104 pages

We didn’t include 15+ hours of footage in our course, because we actually did the job of extracting only what’s important and packaging it into 3 hours of video, so you don’t have to waste your time trying to fish out the golden nuggets from dozens of hours of footage.


Artistic and technical guide for photographers interested in professional Beauty Photography. We always aim to shoot right in camera, so we teach how to produce images that will require as little post-production labor as possible through correct lighting and avoiding common mistakes.


This course does not include the business or retouching side of Beauty Photography, but we do intend to create other courses that will cover those areas.


Our goal is to teach you to confidently set up beautiful studio lighting and produce amazing images, as well as to lead your creative team and manage the creative process from inception to completion including selecting the right talent, working with models, make up artists and stylists for both commercial assignments and personal projects.



Studio lighting doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing, if you introduce structure and a good starting point into your studio routine, and that’s what Aleksey and Julia start their studio lighting training with.

CHAPTER I: Intro & Preparation      

  • About the Authors & This Training    
  • Your Career & Ultimate Artistic Goals

Your Knowledge & Vision

  • The Basics Every Photographer Must Know
  • Developing Your Vision, Taste and Aesthetics
  • How to “Read” Lighting

Cameras, Lenses & Lighting equipment

  • Choosing the Right Cameras & Lenses For Your Work
  • Choosing the Right For Specific Projects
  • Camera Sensors: Full Frame & Crop Factor
  • Crop Factor & Focal Length Multiplier
  • Studio & Backdrop Choice
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Common Monolight Controls & Triggers
  • Light Modifiers
  • Accessories

Preparation is King

  • Idea, Concept of a Shoot & Choosing the “Right” Team
  • Helpful Documents For Your Work

CHAPTER II: Flawless Execution    

  • Shooting Tethered
  • Standard Camera Settings
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid While Shooting
  • Day-of Briefing & Backup
  • Working With Your Model

CHAPTER III: Lighting Setups      

  • Establishing Our Starting Point: Why & How
  • Classic Portrait Setup: Various Types of Lights, Light Modifiers, etc.
  • Celebrity Portrait: And More Ways to Fill in the Shadows 
  • Movie Style Setup: Cinematic Lighting: Adding Drama; Working with Smoke 
  • Hazy Colors Setup: Colorful Theme; Working with Color Gels and Smoke
  • Jewelry Ad Setup: Another Colorful Setup; More on Working With Color Gels     
  • Clean Beauty: Other Ways of Creating Rim and Fill Light; White Background
  • Full-Body: A Few Notes on Proper Full-Body Lighting 
  • Doubled Colored Shadows: Even More Ways to Use Color Gels 
  • Creative Mixed Lighting:
    • Mixed Lighting: Fundamentals
    • Mixed Lighting: Reflective Fabrics
    • Mixed Lighting for Beauty


Practice not until you can get it right, but until you can’t get it wrong.


  • Call Sheet / Template
  • Estimate for a commercial project / Template
  • Model Release / Template
  • Agency Test Package Request / Sample Letter to a Modeling Agency
  • Client Project Questionnaire / Template


The Go Pro Studio Beauty video training is a new amazing photography training for everyone that needs information, direction or even inspiration. Julia Kuzmenko McKim, Aleksey Dovgulya and, of course, the rest of the team, have done a fantastic job of providing detailed intelligence around beauty photography, creating a unique guide full of useful and inspirational content.

~ Train To Create,
London, UK


Go Pro: Studio Beauty trailer (HD)


Some lighting setup examples that we teach in this training:

Danie Olsen of Aston Models in the Clean Beauty Lighting Setup


The first two chapters helped me understand why my past photo shoots weren’t as smooth as I wanted them to be. They also clarified how I could fix many of my past mistakes.

~ Brianna Townsend,
Washington DC


…I am so annoyed that I was not able to find this INCREDIBLE course earlier. I had to spend so much time to find the same path that this amazing course gives. I spent years placing together all of the factors and in the end, this team was able to connect the dots and make a very easy to read book and an amazing video course. This course will truly give any beginner or aspiring individual a true direction into the beauty photography world. If you get the course take your time and know that the tech might change but the core of how to deal with social interactions is priceless.

~ Todd Davalos,
Pacific Grove, CA


..I found the lightning tutorials very broadening my sense of what I know and have to learn. But I must say, that I really love the order in which the content is put together. Starting with easy basics and evolve to manage a whole shoot.

~ Patrick Redlich,
Florence, Italy


The “Camera, Lenses & Lighting equipment” section was, in my opinion, the most important section of the book. Two years ago, I spent close to $4,000 on equipment I thought I needed because of various blogs. I was buying equipment because I thought it would make me better, but I didn’t understand the practical uses of the products I was buying. Now I can make an educated decision on what equipment and accessories to buy.

~ Brianna Townsend,
Washington DC








Table of Contents of the Digital Book

Our training consists of video segments (3 hours) and a digital book (103 pages).
The digital book is the core of the course. Please begin by reading the book and watch the videos in the order of their appearance in it.

Go Pro: Studio Beauty Digital Book Preview (HD)






Some SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) Examples:



Page samples from the digital book:




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