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Your RA Accounts Guide

With the addition of the new Course Library for our Skin Retouching Course, we wanted to share a little guide to help you navigate your accounts with us.

Your RA Panels Account

If you are an RA Panels users, you already know that our panels are hosted on their dedicated website – RA Lab – that’s where you can return to your account to download the updated panel installation files, watch the panels’ video tutorials and reach out the dedicated RA Panels Support Team.

Your Previously Purchased Courses

If you have purchased our other video courses in the past, the download links were delivered directly to your inbox, and no specific account was needed.

If you happen to misplace your downloaded course files and need to re-download any of your previously purchased video courses, simply reach out to us and request to re-activate and re-send your download links. Please be sure to mention the email address you purchased the courses with.

Your Skin Retouching Course Account

If you have purchased our new Skin Retouching video course, you were prompted to create an account on our new platform located at You can return to your Course Library either via this link or via the YOUR COURSE LIBRARY menu in the top navigation bar of this website ☝️

Eventually, all of our courses will migrate to our new streaming platform and we will be able to add new accounts for our customers and link their past purchases into those accounts when requested.

Please note that your RA Panels account cannot be consolidated with the Course Library account as they are located on completely different websites that are designed specifically to host their respective products.

For convenience, you can update both your accounts so they are connected to the same email address.


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