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Weekly RA Instagram Inspiration #15

As artists and professionals, it is imperative to surround ourselves with visions that stimulate our imagination. Photographs, computer-generated visuals, cinemagraphs, and video can ignite that spark that drives us to create. At Retouching Academy, our curators make it their job to find that guiding light, to allow our followers to start each day with a punch of beauty and ingenuity.

Below are the top five items that landed the highest impact this week.

While our curators continue to hone their eye as they gather inspiration, we always love to showcase the work of our talented community. We have a strong preference for images that are part of a series or editorial, so that we can feature three images from it. If you want our curators to consider your work, be sure to tag us at @retouchingacademy or use the hashtag #retouchingacademy.


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