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Weekly RA Instagram Inspiration #23

Our top inspiration of the week at Retouching Academy comes from various corners around the globe, from the colorful streets of France to a romantic villa in Indonesia.

Not only do they originate from different areas, they also encompass a sweeping range of genres: gentle, natural portraits to surreal digital manipulations, and then off to bold splashes of color in highly stylized editorial fashion. Check them out!

In order for you to stay up to date with our daily inspiration as we post it, be sure to follow our Instagram account @retouchingacademy.

If you happen to be a talented artist with top quality work that you believe deserves to be featured, be sure to tag us and use #retouchingacademy in your imagery.

We continue to prefer a series of images, and we only consider the best work. We are always impressed with how those within our community continue to astound us with the high quality of their work, and hope to highlight more of the unsung heroes within the industry.

Welcome our most appreciated finds from this week:










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