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Weekly RA Instagram Inspiration #17

We at Retouching Academy continue to be mystified and humbled by the reception of our growing audience. Showcasing the top talents in the world feels very akin to treasure hunting, as the curators spend hours searching for the best content available, and are always excited when they stumble across something that stops them in their tracks. Below are the top five images of the week that managed to do just that.

As modern artists, it becomes increasingly more difficult to present your work amid a bombardment of images, advertisements, and viral content on a multitude of social media platforms. In our efforts to shine a light on those incredible artists, crediting those responsible for the creation of the artwork will continue to be very important to us. In order for your work to be considered, team credits need to be available. Below are some additional tips and tricks for getting the attention of not just us at @retouchingacademy, but other curation accounts on Instagram.

  1.  Be sure to use appropriate hashtags. In our case, it would be #retouchingacademy
  2. High quality is an absolute must. There are many beautiful images that the curators pass on because they have large borders, are too small, or the image quality is lacking. Android devices tend to compress image quality on Instagram, so check how your images appear on Instagram’s website to ensure they are not being downgraded.
  3. Tearsheets are great, but not necessarily for Instagram. If you are looking to make your images more receptive to sharing, posting the images outside of their editorial is often the best bet. This is because the format for magazines is typically at odds with the composition on Instagram, so the text is often cut out at strange places, or the image itself is cropped awkwardly. We’re not advising you not to share the tearsheets, but consider sharing the stand-alone images as well.
  4. Credits and tagging go a long way. Reposting and sharing work should be about giving the entire team exposure, so don’t leave your talent and crew out of your description!
  5. Avoid a hashtag frenzy. Depending on how the account reposts the image on Instagram, it will often copy the post, which can include the 30+ hashtags that some users will add. Consider having only a handful of hashtags in the post description, while leaving the rest in a comment. This is a lot easier on the curation account.
  6. Target the account wisely. Be objective about your work, and consider whether or not your work is in line with the aesthetic of the curation account you are hoping to be featured in. This is often the trickiest step for most artists, but it’s worth those extra moments of reflection.

We hope this will be helpful for those looking to grow their Instagram following, and we look forward to seeing your work!


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