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Weekly RA Instagram Inspiration #16

This has been a monumental week for the Retouching Academy Instagram team, as we crossed over 50k followers, and posted inspiration that was met with an overwhelming response. Curating artwork is a challenging task, one that we address with fresh eyes as often as possible.

This week presents a myriad of different media and techniques, from swirling plays of light, to hyper-realistic paintings, to an undeniable fondness for freckles and red hair. We explored distortions of reality, in an effort to push you all to create work that inspires yourselves.

Below are the Top 5 images that struck a chord:

If you wish to have the chance of having your work featured by our curators, be sure to tag us at @retouchingacademy, and use #retouchingacademy hashtag when posting your images.

We love to feature the talent of our community, and love to give back to those who love to create.


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