Jumpstart student Submissions

Please Read The Submission Guidelines Carefully

In an effort to provide actionable feedback to our students, we are testing the new feedback system methods, formats, and logistics. You can take advantage of our test feedback rounds by submitting your retouched assignment files.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our announcements in the RA Facebook Group and on our Instagram pages to ensure you don’t miss the assignment review.

What To Submit

Please only submit one of the images provided in the Retouching Jumpstart course, unrelated images will not be reviewed.

Please submit your retouch in a layered PSD that is structured in the manner that is taught in the course. This will allow us to address any potential issues in your workflow and provide actionable feedback. Reviewing only a JPEG file would not allow us to understand exactly where and how retouching mistakes are being made, therefore our feedback would not be as actionable and beneficial to you.

What Not To Submit

Please do not submit any images that are not from the Retouching Jumpstart course.

Please do not invite us into your Dropbox or Google Drive folder, instead, simply send a public share link to the folder with your retouched file.

Please do not send a WeTransfer link.

Your Email Address Must Match

Please be sure to submit your retouch under the same email address that you use to log into your course library on our learning platform. We will only review submissions of our current Retouching Jumpstart students.

How To Submit

To submit your retouched Assignment, please paste a publicly accessible link to a Dropbox, Box, GDrive, or any other remote storage folder where your image is uploaded in the message window below.

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