From Impeccable In-Camera Capture to World-Class Retouching Results

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Pixel Juggler UXP Panel

We created the Pixel Juggler panel to simplify access to regularly used Photoshop© functions typically hidden in various menus. We also added a few simple scripts and tools that will complement our Beauty Retouch and MUA Retouch UXP panels’ functionality.

Give it a go, it’s free!

Please visit this page for installation instructions.

Compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® CC2021 (v22.0) and later for Win & Mac OS, including M1 Apple computers.

Retouching Jumpstart (Rental)

Jumpstart your retouching journey with this in-depth practical course tailored to true beginners, aspiring retouchers, working photographers, makeup artists, or anyone looking to upgrade their online presence in the beauty, fashion or wellness industries.

Learn the nuts and bolts of retouching using a non-destructive approach taught in a digestible, accessible way — no experience necessary. We’ve gathered the most impactful information to jumpstart your learning — and left out the fluff — so you can focus on what’s important and practice in real-time to speed up your progress.

Each module offers the essential key topics, complete with video lessons, practice files, bonus materials, practical assignments as well as reading lessons that will allow you to integrate the newfound knowledge through multiple learning modalities.

Understanding, practicing, and perfecting retouching fundamentals will help you form good habits and step into the retouching world as a capable and confident professional.

Even after your rental ends, you can keep all of the downloaded materials (practice files, custom actions, and brushes).

Skill Level: (1) Novice / Beginner
Duration: Over 4 hours + Assignments
Volume: 40 lessons
Practice: 11 Assignments
Format: Streaming
Access: 2-week rental or 1-month rental (lifetime access available as well)
Practice Files: 4 Raw & PSD files photographed by Michael Woloszynowicz, Julia Kuzmenko McKim, and Anita Sadowska + Additional Sphere PSD file for Dodge & Burn practice.
Bonus Materials: 
2 custom Action Sets, D&B custom brush for Photoshop