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Retouching and Photography Inspiration

Working as a commercial photographer and retoucher, I have had the privilege to meet some really fascinating people, whether they were clients or colleagues. And quite often, small talk with them would evolve into much deeper conversations about both business and inspiration. Seek out such opportunities, because I strongly believe they are some of the most i things you can do while working together.

Recognize that inspiration and passion combine to form the engine that drives your working routines, so it is important that you nurture them and keep that creative engine running.


As a creative freelancer, you need to seek inspiration from a variety of sources so you can evolve and deliver better end-results to your clients. I think that it’s particularly important for creatives to be proactive about exploring new ideas and digesting new images and projects daily that are top notch. Because when you start to see “standards” from top-of-the-line publications, you automatically start to notice what is good and what isn’t.

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Also, don’t just read magazines in search of inspiration. Recently, I’ve found that both television series, commercials and comic books are excellent sources for new ways to work or achieve something totally new for yourself.

I think it’s important to read about creativity and inspiration as well. Even if you are a digital artist who works mainly with visual elements, studying these concepts can help improve your thought processes and perhaps make your working routines more efficient, taking you to the next level.

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Also, remember that creativity isn’t always fun. It can and should be a little bit scary. That’s how you start to challenge the status quo and the product of your ideas can result in new ways of doing things. It can be just an idea for how to retouch images faster and more precisely with specific tools, or a new project that combines something new and old together, giving you an end-result that has greater impact on your audience.


Not everyone will like your idea, style, or way of doing things, but that’s fine. When you stretch your creativity to the edge, you can generate ideas that no one else would or could possibly generate. That’s how you start to differentiate yourself from the rest. That’s how many successful photographers and retouchers develop unique visions. You just need to know which of your ideas and routines help you forward and which ones do not, and be ready to let those go.

Share your thoughts and vision with your clients and colleagues. Test out your ideas and solicit critiques and feedback to help you mold them into their finest form. Then, execute them!



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