Competence, Experience & Professionalism

Retouching Academy Recommended Professionals


We receive daily requests from potential clients searching for professional, reliable retouchers. To satisfy these requests, RA now offers a retoucher recognition program designed to help potential clients of retouching services identify professional, experienced, technically capable retouchers who operate in accordance with the RA Code of Professional Practice.

Being an RA Recommended Professional Retoucher can help you provide your clients with the confidence they need in your relevant skillset, experience and professionalism to pay higher service rates for your work.

To become an RA Recommended Professional Retoucher, you will need to demonstrate your retouching skills via our application assessment requirements as well as your commitment to continuing professional development.

Assessment Application

Fill out our Assessment Application and submit your portfolio for review. The necessary prerequisites for the applicants are:

  • at least 2 years of freelance work;
  • a current web portfolio and social media pages (IG, facebook, Behance);

Please note that we only reach out to the selected applicants.