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Plotagraph Launches A Create To Play Social Platform

Since launching in 2016, Plotagraph, Inc. has allowed users to add motion from single, still images. Unlike GIFs or Cinemagraphs, that require multiple frames or a video, Plotagraph Pro gave its users the ability to animate a JPEG, with a user friendly interface. A year later, there have been over ten thousand Plotagraphs shared on Instagram alone, and Plotagraph, Inc. has ambitiously stepped up to the plate to launch their take on a new creative social platform.

A beta of their new platform, Plotagraph Social, was launched on June 1st, along with a free version of their Plotagraph software, and a revised pricing structure for their memberships. Plotagraph Social is designed to allow artists and photographers to exhibit their work, which includes auto-looping and auto-playing Plotagraphs across all devices. With this new platform, users are given access to a free version of the Plotagraph software, and are incentivized to unlock features found in the Pro version of their software by gaining followers.

The launch video for Plotagraph Social is below:

Plotagraph’s revised pricing structure is tiered by storage, 4K resolution, as well as additional support from the Plotagraph team, with pricing options for larger teams, education, and military.

With Plotagraph’s popularity on the rise and a free version of their software released, now might be the time to test out their vision for animation. To join their public beta, click here.

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