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Mendr Brings Retouching to the Masses

With the growing popularity of on demand services like Uber, it’s no wonder why someone would create a photo editing option. Enter Mendr: an application that allows users to upload their photos for editing by a vetted photo editor.

Mendr markets itself to the average consumer, promoting the idea of “making photos social media ready,” and offers a range of editing services priced between $2-$30, with the ability for editors to request premium pricing if a client chooses them specifically.

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Mendr works off of two main options for consumers: Editor’s Touch, or Tailor. The Editor’s Touch is a free option, and gives the Editor creative license to enhance the photo as they feel is necessary. Editor’s Touch focuses on quick edits like color correction or lighting.


Mendr’s Editor’s Touch is a free option for minor enhancement.

Tailor, akin to its namesake, allows consumers to specify exactly what they want edited. Customers are given a wide range of options for revision: from removing objects, to changing hair or eye color, to removing a background, and anything in-between. Customers choose between target areas: objects, the image itself, the head, the body, or extras.

When it comes to retouching, the options are quick extensive. For complexion, customers can choose to smooth skin, remove blemishes, correct dark circles, remove fly-aways, and more.

mendr tailor complexion retouching options

Tailor’s retouching options for Complexion.

Similar to apps like Glamsquad and Thumbtack, Mendr will likely face the same backlash from seasoned professionals who feel that this on demand, impersonal approach to services devalues the industry. As Mendr appears to position itself for the consumer market, it is unlikely to have much effect on high-end retouching. However, it may contribute to a different behavior from uneducated clients who are taking off their consumer hats and stepping into the business realm.

However, for those that may wish to pick up a few extra bucks for completing tasks that they are proficient in, becoming an Editor for Mendr may not be a bad idea. Mendr has a test for potential Editors to complete before they are added to the service. To learn about becoming an Editor, click here.

For those that are interested in exploring the App, it is now available for iOS and Android.

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