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Important! Adobe Photoshop 2015.5 Upgrade (6/20/2016)

Dear RA Panels users!

The new Photoshop 2015.5 upgrade will require updated 3rd party plugins and extensions, including RA Panels. 

If you have previously installed the Beauty Retouch v.3.0 in your Photoshop CC2015, you can find the updated version for Photoshop 2015.5 in your Member Area. Simply download the new ZIP file, decompress and install it following the same installation instructions.

Please keep in mind, that you WILL NOT NEED to uninstall the previous version from CC2015 or re-install the Additional Features (actions, D&B brushes and tool presets).

IMPORTANT: If the updated file does not work for you, please do not submit tickets or email us, just please wait for our next announcement – we are working on it!

We are preparing the fully updated version of Beauty Retouch v.3.1 for first time buyers as well as the Pixel Juggler v.2.o and expecting to release them in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, if you would like to continue working with our panels and other 3rd party plugins, installed on your machine, to do your retouching work now, please make sure to keep the previous version of Photoshop by following the directions below:

FAQ: Photoshop CC 2015.5 now available

Important information about plug-ins & installation, please read:

VERY IMPORTANT – Photoshop CC 2015.5 is a full version upgrade. As such, you will need to install your 3rd party plug-ins for them to work with CC 2015.5.

If you want to keep CC 2015.1.2 installed until you’ve had time to update/install your 3rd party plug-ins for 2015.5, be sure to click on “Advanced Options” and uncheck “Remove old versions” when installing the update (see image below).

  • Note: When you uninstall prior versions, it does not uninstall 3rd party plug-ins installed for prior versions.
  • Note: Depending on what you choose you can always reinstall a prior version or uninstall prior versions at a later time if necessary.

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