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Beauty Retouch RA Panel for Photoshop® CC2015

Dear Beauty Retouch Panel users,

Please note that the new Adobe® CC2015 Update will by default completely wipe off all your CS6 and CC2014 Photoshop® extensions, including RA Panels.

In order to continue using the RA Panels, please login to your Member Area and download the updated installation package and User Manual for Beauty Retouch CC2015.

Please view the READ ME FIRST.PDF file in the installation package and watch the video below for the installation steps.

Pixel Juggler will be updated shortly as well, please stay tuned.


Additional Information Regarding The Photoshop® CC2015 Update


Please visit the Retouching Academy Panels FAQ page for more information regarding the recent Photoshop® CC2015 update.


Featured image by Julia Kuzmenko McKim


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