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An Inspirational Interview With Zhang Jingna

Zhang Jingna first broke into the photography world as ‘zemotion,’ on DeviantArt in 2002. Her imaginative fine art portraits gained her a loyal following, with her photograph “Forgotten Fairytales” holding the title of most popular photograph of all time on DeviantArt, with over 2 million views on that image alone.

forgotten fairytales by zhang jingna

Photo By: Zhang Jingna

Since those humble days, Zhang Jingna has shot campaigns for Mercedes-Benz, Lancome, Sony, Montblanc, and others, while amassing an impressive editorial clientele including Vogue Japan, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Elle Russia, Marie Claire, and more. One of her personal projects, Motherland Chronicles, has become one of the most recognizable contemporary fine art photography series showcasing her unique style and respectful approach to the craft.

motherland chronicles by zhang jingna

Photo By: Zhang Jingna

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Recently, Adorama released an interview with Zhang Jingna, highlighting her journey from representing Singapore in air rifle, to the fashion photographer we know today.

Whether you are a photographer or retoucher, we hope her story and her work will resonate with you and inspire as it has done for us.

To view more of Zhang Jingna’s work, visit her website.

Sources: Adorama | DeviantArt


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