We are a team of successful commercial retouchers, photographers, and passionate artists, whose mission is to provide interested beginner and intermediate retouchers with the highest quality retouching education, while cultivating the next generation of top industry pros.

Our professional instructors will help you establish an excellent skill base, develop a business mindset,

and embrace a professional ethic that will make for a successful transition from student to professional. If you are already a working freelancer, we offer an abundance of great information to improve your practices and conduct your business in a way that ultimately puts you ahead of the competition.

Please read our Code of Professional Practice.

The Art & Business Of Retouching

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Take advantage of our free educational materials, and start learning from working professionals in the industry today.

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Discover our premium educational materials, retouching video courses and RA Panels in the RA Store and the RA Lab website.

Retouching Panels

Work smart, not hard with our RA Panels available on Retouching Academy Lab along with video tutorials.

Code Of Professional Practice

Of Freelance Retouchers & Retouching Studios

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Join our 29K+ member Facebook Community group for peer and pro feedback and discussions. We moderate the posts in our group to keep the flow clean, consistent and balanced, so that everyone will find interesting topics and posts to follow and participate in discussions – from beginner to advanced retouchers and photographers.



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