Working With Colors: Examining The Louis Vuitton Look

Following on from my last article in which we examined the use of complimentary colors in a Mario Testino campaign, this week I want to bring to your attention a piece in which I examined the very particular style common to many of Louis Vuitton‘s ads.

As a photographer or retoucher it’s always important to keep an eye on excellent and outstanding examples of work, and learning how to break down what makes them so effective.

The Louis Vuitton ads are a great example of tying a campaign together using colour theory, a sound knowledge of which can be invaluable to any photographer or retoucher looking to draw on hundreds of years of research into the psychology and effect of colour harmonics.

Uma Thurman © Louis Vuitton

In this piece I delved a little deeper into color theory and achieving pleasing harmonics, looking specifically at why the cyan blues contrast so beautifully with the skin tones and the reds present in the products. There’s a bit of a history lesson in there too!

Pleasing colour aesthetics and complimentary colours were intensely researched centuries ago by painters, so we have an astonishing store of that knowledge as 21st century photo retouchers to draw upon.

Sean Connery © Louis Vuitton

This is not only vital information for retouchers, but even more so for photographers when location scouting, set dressing and prop hunting. Planning the final look of the shoot in terms of a harmonious color palette can really pay off big, and Louis Vuitton have some outstanding examples of this. Everything in shot is carefully chosen to fit the brand palette, with the retouching tying everything beautifully together.

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