Weekly RA Instagram Inspiration #27

As the visuals in our world remain ever-changing with vibrant films, campaigns, computer generated graphics, and even adventures in virtual reality, it is more challenging than ever to grab the attention of your audience. Perceived beauty and intrigue are ephemeral, further adding to those aspects that every curator must consider when organizing a gallery of

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Artist Spotlight: Claire Harrison

Claire Harrison is a London-based beauty and advertising photographer. Her love for color and creative lighting, as well as her distinctive style, set her apart from other photographers in the industry. EyeLure, Nivea, Garnier and L’Oreal are just some of the many beauty brands on Claire’s client list. Check out her story in this Artist Spotlight feature: —————

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Weekly RA Instagram Inspiration # 24

To fuel your inspiration we have found and shared explosive colors and serene portraits in hopes to ignite your desire to create this week . If you share your work on Instagram, tag us #retouchingacademy for a chance to be featured. Check out this list of important points to consider when submitting your work. Enjoy the most appreciated images from this past week and make

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