Approaching a Beauty Shoot Like an Art Master

Today our guest writer, Minsk-based Art Director & Retoucher Alexey Adamitsky shares his methodical approach to a beauty photo shoot from an artistic perspective, and outlines his thought process as well as workflow steps from the start of the shoot to the final touches in post-production. ————— A few weeks ago I contacted beauty photographer Daniel Scheel, who had a beauty

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Retouching Eyelashes and Eyebrows in Beauty Portraits

In this beauty retouching tutorial, out guest writer, Minsk-based Art Director & Retoucher, Alexey Adamitsky will demonstrate how to deal with delicate facial features such as eyebrows and eyelashes in post-production. ————— Beauty retouching requires a great deal of concentration and attention to details. Some of the areas which need careful, detailed retouching are eyelashes and eyebrows. Many

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Adding Shine To The Hair Using Custom Photoshop Brush and Luminosity Masking

One of the major components in our interpretation of healthy looking hair is its shine. Apart from giving the hair a shiny look, highlights create the much-sought after volume. As with almost every task, Photoshop gives us numerous ways of tackling it. Effectively our goal is to create more contrast between lit and shadowed areas but

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