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Radlab: Color Styling for Fashion & Portrait Photography


Radlab: Color Styling for Fashion & Portrait Photography


RadLab is the Photoshop plug-in that makes artistic color styling super easy and fast. With an interface this slick, you WILL say goodbye to your color actions. It combines intuitive browsing, gorgeous effects and a lightening-fast processing engine to bring you the cutting edge in Fashion & Portrait photography color grading.


Created by the amazing TOTALLY RAD!

Get The Amazing RadLab

RADLAB is a Photoshop Plugin for artistic color styling. Its creators at Totally Rad are genius and your color grading routine will change completely and improve tremendously after you get into it.

You probably already know how frustrating using simple coloring Photoshop actions can be. You first have to run an action and only after you’ve applied it you can actually see whether or not you like how it looks on your current image. The same action may look good on one photo and crappy on another, and if you are working on an editorial, this can be a bit of a problem.

Check out this 1-minute Radlab video walkthrough by its creators Totally Rad.


Radlab is light, easy to use and very convenient. It has tons of default presets, gorgeous colors and camera effects in the collections of 80 (eighty!) stylets which you can combine and adjust independently. You can also save the color and effect combinations you created as your own custom Recipes, and use them later on their own or combine with other Recipes.

And the best part of it is that you don’t have to waste your time before you see how a Recipe or a Stylete affects your photo to decide whether you like it or not – you simply hover over its thumbnail and see the results in real time.


For more information please visit the RadLab FAQ page.


RadLab includes 80 stylets you can layer, combine and adjust to create the perfect combination for your image. From basic edits to eye-catching color to stunning black and whites, RadLab has everything you need to make your Fashion & Portrait images stand out.

80 Ways To Play

Includes the following stylets:

  • Lights On
  • Lights Out
  • Oh, Snap!
  • Punch Out
  • Sugar Rush
  • Claire-ify
  • Contrast
  • Contrast (luma)
  • Vario-tone
  • Grainstorm
  • Grittyizer
  • Go Go Saturation
  • Highlight Separator
  • Warm It Up, Kris
  • Cool As a Cucumber
  • Obvious Glasses
  • Boutwell Magic Glasses
  • Boutwell Magic Glasses II
  • Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana

Includes the following stylets:

  • P.O.S. Lens
  • EZ-Burn
  • Edge Blur
  • Divine Light
  • Divine Light #2
  • Flare Up | Golden
  • Flare Up | Faded

Includes the following stylets:

  • Troy
  • Sparta
  • Derelicte
  • Old Glory
  • Prettyizer
  • Iron Mouse
  • Rusty Cage
  • Bullet Tooth
  • Super Fun Happy
  • El Capitan Del Cruncho
  • Technicolor Dream World

Includes the following stylets:

  • SX-70
  • Maple
  • Flora
  • Flirt
  • Adrift
  • Rumpus
  • The 600
  • Sexy 70
  • Pistachio
  • Montecito
  • Pool Party
  • Lux | Soft
  • Lux | Hard
  • Meadowlark
  • Fuzzy Navel
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Butter Pecan
  • Vanilla Kiss
  • Antique Tone
  • Cinnamon Toast
  • Blueberry Cobbler
  • Handlebar Mustache
  • Grandma’s Tap Shoes
  • Get Faded | Neutral
  • Get Faded | Spring
  • Get Faded | Summer
  • Get Faded | Autumn
  • Get Faded | Winter
  • Pross-Crossessed #1
  • Pross-Crossessed #2

Includes the following stylets:

  • B.A.M.F
  • Graphite
  • Charcoal
  • Sterling
  • Vario BW
  • Brooklyn
  • Homestead
  • Old Skool
  • Detroit BW
  • Magical BW
  • Lith-E-Yum!
  • Bitchin’ BW
  • In-Faux-Red
  • Boring Sepia
  • Boring Old BW
  • Red Filter BW
  • Milk + Cookies
  • Boring Selenium

Click here to see the entire stylet BREAKDOWN. Keep in mind that you can mix and match any and all of these stylets and save as your own custom Recipes.



Check out the RadLab plugin demo and download Julia Kuzmenko’s FREE RadLab recipes here:


Watch this video to learn how to import and export Radlab recipes:

And here are some of example photos treated with Radlab:


Nicole_bw_009 2 WEB JK


Radlab color application plugin for Photoshop

 Radlab color application plugin for Photoshop

Betty_Golden-1 web Jk

Salton Sea_0427 web Jk





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