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EIZO ColorEdge CG277 27″


EIZO ColorEdge CG277 27″


EIZO ColorEdge CG277 27″ – 16:9 – 6 ms CG277-BK LCD Flat Panel Displays Hardware Calibration IPS Monitor 2560 x 1440

Product Details

Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 3.6 x 15.8 inches
Shipping Weight: 38.8 pounds
Net Weight: 12.8 kg / 28 lbs
Screen Size: 27″ (68 cm)
Contrast Ratio:300 cd/m2 / 1,000:1
Resolution: 2560 x 1440 (16:9 aspect ratio)
Pixel pitch: 0.2331 x 0.2331 mm
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User Manual: EIZO-ColorEdge-CG277-27.pdf

Color accuracy and convenience to make the most of your creativity

  • 2560 x 1 440 Native Resolution
  • Built-In Self-Calibration Sensor
  • Ideal for Video Editing and Post Production
  • Reproduces 99% of Adobe RGB color space
  • Excellent Tone Display in the Dark
  • 1O-Bit Simultaneous Display
  • Non-Glare IPS Panel
  • LED Backlight Cuts Power by 40%
  • Uniformity from Corner to Corner
  • ColorNavigatorSoftware
  • Power requirements: AC 100 – 120 V / 200 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Adjustable Stand

Built-In SelfCalibration Sensor

Automate your calibration with the built-in SelfCalibration sensor that is housed within the monitor’s bottom bezel and swings up onto the screen only when calibrating. This sensor eliminates the need for a third-party calibration device and even operates in portrait mode.

Built-in Sensor

Using either the OSD menu or the bundled ColorNavigator software, you can schedule the monitor to self-calibrate at specific times. Even if the monitor is switched off or not connected to a computer, it will stick to its preset schedule and self-calibrate.


Correlation with External Sensors

The monitor can be correlated to the measurement results of an external calibration sensor. After correlating, the built-in sensor will automatically recalibrate to the settings. This is convenient if the monitor is used in a work environment with other monitors and one measurement device must be used as a standard for all calibration.


Correlation to ColorMunki results

Reproduces 99% of the Adobe RGB Color Space

An IPS panel with a wide color gamut reproduces 99% of the Adobe RGB color space so images shot in RAW can be converted to Adobe RGB or images shot in Adobe RGB will be displayed correctly. The colors seen in photos of vibrant blue skies and lush green forests will be reproduced faithfully. The wide color gamut also ensures that the monitor reproduces almost the entire ISO-coated and US web-coated CMYK color spaces used in printing as well as 93% of the DCI used in post production.


Features for Creative Work

Individually Adjusted at the Factory

The gamma level for each ColorEdge monitor is adjusted at the factory. This is accomplished by measuring the R, G, and B gamma values from 0 – 255, then using the monitor’s 16-bit look-up table (LUT) to select the 256 most appropriate tones to achieve the desired value.



Stable Display within Seven Minutes of Startup

From the time it is turned on it typically takes 30 minutes or longer for a monitor’s brightness, chromaticity, and tone characteristics to stabilize. EIZO has shortened this warm-up time by more than 75% to a mere 7 minutes. For confirming your work in a photo studio or taking your monitor with you on location, you can get to work right away.

10-Bit Simultaneous Display

Using the DisplayPort input, the monitor offers 10-bit simultaneous color display* from a 16-bit look-up table which means it can show more than one billion colors simultaneously. This is 64 times as many colors as you get with 8-bit display which results in even smoother color gradations and reduced Delta-E between two adjacent colors.


*A graphics board and software which support 10-bit output are also necessary for 10-bit display.


Simple and Precise Calibration with ColorNavigator

The bundled ColorNavigator software makes calibration both simple and quick. Learn more about color matching: How to Color Match Your ColorEdge Monitor and Photo Prints.

Predictable Color with Any Media

With content published on so many different types of printed and digital media it’s critical to know how your clients will see color. A ColorEdge monitor and the bundled ColorNavigator software let you do just that as they are designed for both soft-proofing and digital device emulation. So now you can “predict” how color will appear to your clients whether you produce content for printed media like books and magazines or for digital media devices like tablets, smart phones, and notebook computers.

ColorNavigator Device Emulation VideoUsed by Magnum Photos

Several photographers and digital directors from Magnum Photos use ColorEdge monitors in their color management workflow for the restoration of historical Magnum imagery and the production of contemporary photographs.

Read more about the collaboration between Magnum and EIZO.


Comfort and Convenience

Multiple Inputs

DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-D inputs are included and support resolutions up to 2560 x 1440. The HDMI input also offers direct connection with digital cameras. Two USB upstream ports allow two computers to be connected at once so it’s not necessary to reconnect the USB cable when using the ColorNavigator software and switching between the two computers.


Shading Hood for Portrait and Landscape Modes

Most shading hoods can only be used in landscape mode, but this monitor comes bundled with a unique hood that is designed for portrait mode as well. Now you can keep the glare off your screen no matter which mode you work in.

monitor with hood

Preset Color Modes

A button on the front of the monitor provides quick access to several broadcast-standard color modes reset color modes: Rec. 709, EBU, SMPTE-C, and DCI. In addition, sRGB and Adobe RGB modes are also available.

Input Support for 4K x 2K

Accepts 4K x 2K resolutions of 4096 x 2160 and 3840 x 2160 at up to 30 frames/second via the DisplayPort input then downscales them to its native resolution of 2560 x 1440. This added functionality makes the ColorEdge CG276 a practical choice for editing when working with the increasingly popular 4K x 2K resolutions used in digital television and digital cinematography. 4K x 2K display and graphics board compatibility



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