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Eizo CH5 Hood for 27″ ColorEdge


Eizo CH5 Hood for 27″ ColorEdge


Eizo CH5 Hood for 27″ ColorEdge CG275W & FlexScan SX2762W Widescreen LCD Monitors

Depending on the ambient light conditions in your studio (home studio) you may want to add a monitor hood to your Eizo. Any stray light that is reflected in the screen will compromise the visible contrast of the displayed images by reducing the darkness of the blacks. Note, that not only direct light will compromise the look of your images as you work, but also the light reflected off walls, ceiling, etc. in your room. The monitor hood’s job is to cut as much ambient light as possible.

Dimensions 7.97 x 19.05 x 13.56 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.5 pounds
Net Weight: 1.9 pounds
Screen Size Supported: 27″

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The photo sensor can be attached to the monitor and removed with the hood in place thanks to a sliding plate at the top.

Sensor with hood

Inside the hood

The inside of the hood is made with anti-glare material.

Portrait mode

The CH7 and CH5 can be used in portrait mode as well.

Why You Need A Monitor Hood

The environment around your monitor is very important to your monitor’s performance.

For example, a light coloured bookcase next to your monitor will create a light patch on your screen.  Or a desk light (such as a print viewing light) will spread flare across your screen.  Many people who think they have uniformity issues from their monitor panel actually are seeing brightness/colour variance due to all the things reflecting in their monitor screen – especially if they are unlucky enough to have a gloss coated screen.

Read more on: www.imagescience.com.au


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