How To Quickly Save Photoshop Layers As Separate Files

save or extract photoshop layers shortcut

There are thousands of tools, techniques, and shortcuts within Photoshop, and today we will share one that you’ll want to remember. When working with composite images, retouching a set of photographs, or applying colorgrading, often we want to have the ability to easily apply those adjustments or layers. The following shortcut, demonstrated by PiXimperfect, allows you to extract individual layers, or even apply adjustments and save those.

To perform this shortcut, after selecting the layers you wish to extract, on a Mac, just press Cmd + Shift + ‘ (PC is Ctrl + Shift + ‘ ), which will then bring up a new dialog box for saving those layers in a .png format.

There are many useful applications for this shortcut, ranging from generating a quick preview for a client, to revisiting a similar set of adjustments for a new project. Give this handy new shortcut a try, we hope it’ll be a useful new tool in your arsenal.

Source: PiXimperfect

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