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We are a team of passionate artists, elite retouchers and internationally published photographers.

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Courses & eBooks

Our eBooks Comparison

If you wonder what video course and/or ebook choice is the most appropriate for your skill level check out this comparison: www.retouchingacademylab.com/ebooks

What Are eBooks?

An electronic book (e-bookeBook, or digital book) is a publication in digital form, consisting of text, images and other multimedia materials. Our eBooks also contain either embedded videos (Essentials eBook) or external links to online video resources, which helps to decrease the download size of the eBooks. They are all in PDF format and can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader on your desktop (download free latest Adobe Reader here) or in iBooks application on your iPad. Our eBooks come with Bonus Materials which can only be used in Adobe Photoshop versions CS4 – CC on your PC or Mac computer.

If there’s a print version for a specific eBook, you will find it in the Printed Books Shop category. However, most of our materials are in digital format only at this time.

eBooks are a digital product available for immediate download. No physical product will be shipped to you.

For iPad Users

Our eBooks & Bonus Materials are compressed into ZIP files to decrease the size of the package for download. Use the E-Junkie link that you receive upon your purchase to download the ZIP file to your computer first, unzip it using any decompression program on your PC or MAC and then transfer PDF files to your iPad via iTunes or Dropbox app, whichever is more convenient for you. According to a discussion thread on the Apple website: You cannot open zipped files on the iPad, if you don’t have a decompression app for iPad installed.

You can try using free iUnarchive Lite for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad , but please remember it is not our application and you need to contact its author if you have any questions about it or issues with its performance. We are just trying to help you save time on researching this matter.

Also, please remember that the Actions, Brushes and Gradients in the Bonus Goodie Bags of respective eBooks are a very valuable addition to the eBooks and you can only use them in Adobe Photoshop on your computer, so you need to download the ZIP file onto your computer anyway.

The Before & After images and videos in the eBooks will work on your computer and the reading material is also designed for viewing on the iPad, however the multimedia content in PDFs isn’t responsive on tablets – please use the links under the video thumbnails to watch them in the YouTube application on your iPad.

Older Photoshop Versions & Photoshop Elements

Our eBooks & Bonus Materials are only designed for users of current Adobe Photoshop versions from CS4 to CC. Our Actions and Brushes have been tested across all platforms and current software versions and they work perfectly. Please read the Actions User Manual (see Digital Goodie Bag in the unzipped eBook package) to install the Actions & Brushes correctly (pages 58-59 in the Digital Photo Retouching eBook).

Download Link Expired

We deliver our educational materials to you via one of the leading web services on the digital product market – eJunkie. The eJunkie download links are by default time-sensitive and have a limited number of download attempts to prevent unauthorized product distribution. Please download the eBook package (ZIP file) to your computer as soon as you purchase the eBook and make sure the ZIP file is 100% downloaded. If your internet connection is slow and not very stable the download process may be interrupted and eJunkie will count it as one download attempt.

If the ZIP file is downloaded only partially, your decompression program will tell you that the file is corrupt and won’t open it. You need to download the ZIP again.

If your internet connection is preventing you from downloading the ZIP file completely, please do not use up all your download attempts and try downloading your purchase from another place with a good internet connection (from work or a public place with free stable WiFi). If after your maximum number of attempts your download link expires, please e-mail us at support@retouchingacademy.com and we will send you a fresh download link to deliver your purchase to you.

Invoice & Proof of Purchase

We understand that many of our readers and customers are self-employed professionals and need proof of purchase for their accounting records.

eJunkie Shopping card and PayPal are among the leading industry services that are used for digital goods delivery. The email receipts they provide our buyers with are perfectly acceptable as proof of purchase for your bookkeeping records, just like any other email receipts you receive when purchasing physical and digital products on Amazon or Ebay.

We do not offer any PDF invoices, because we only offer products, not services. The e-mail purchase confirmation and Paypal receipts are sufficient for accounting records around the world.

Please feel free to make a screenshot of the receipts you receive upon completing your purchase or print them out for your bookkeeping purposes.

Adobe Acrobat Reader and performance of the eBooks

The performance of the eBooks will greatly depend on the performance of your computer and the version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. These PDFs are optimized for Adobe Reader X. Please update your Adobe Reader to get the full experience of the multimedia content.

Download the latest Adobe Reader for free: http://www.adobe.com/products/reader.html

Our Photoshop Actions & Brushes


The Actions & Brushes can be installed and used in Adobe Photoshop versions from CS4 to CC only. They have been tested across all platforms and current software versions and they work perfectly. Please read the User Manual to install the Actions & Brushes correctly.

Our Beauty Brushes are based on the custom brushes of the amazing digital artist from Poland Marta Dahlig, which she kindly allowed us to use and share with our readers.

Delivery & Returns

Our Refund Policy

Please read the descriptions of our educational materials before purchasing them to avoid buying something that you don’t need for your skill level. Our eBooks with their Bonus Materials are not refundable due to their digital nature. It is the industry standard – you cannot “return” a digital product once you have downloaded it.

If you are unsure about an eBook’s value for you, please contact us and we will help you figure out what is relevant for your retouching & photography skill level.

Digital product = Instant Download

Our video courses, digital books or eBooks are digital products available for immediate download. No physical product will be shipped to you.

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