Elite Retouching Education For Professionals

Code of Ethics

Retouching Academy, a professional community that promotes the highest standards in digital image editing, acknowledges concern for every person’s need for self-education and professional improvement as well as the desire to be accepted, validated and encouraged.

We are here to make our industry better and as a requirement for admission to and participation in this community, each member and participant shall agree to use the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and integrity in all relationships with colleagues and clients online and offline.

This code is intended to promote the highest quality in all forms of digital image editing and to strengthen public image of the profession. It is also meant to serve as an educational tool for those who practice retouching for their business or hobby. To that end, Retouching Academy sets forth the following.

  • Strive at all times to upgrade and improve their knowledge and skill of professional retouching;
  • Treat their colleagues and clients with respect and dignity;
  • Be of honorable character and reputation. Retouching Academy does not welcome rudeness or negativity and has a zero-tolerance policy concerning harassment and bullying;
  • Strive to inspire and encourage, not criticize and discourage those who aspire to be professional photographers or retouchers, limiting constructive criticism to the designated areas on Retouching Academy website and community group;
  • Share the knowledge and skill of professional photography with fellow photographers, retouchers, students, and other members;
  • Support efforts for and assist in the education of all interested persons and the general public in the art and science of professional photography and retouching;
  • Refrain from conduct injurious to the organization or its purposes.

Each and every one of you represents our profession. By the way you conduct your business and handle your professional communication, the general public and other creative professionals will judge the industry and our profession as a whole. This, in turn, affects how you/we are treated in business.

We want to be treated as respected professionals, paid fairly for our work, skills and experience, and it is in our hands to set the expectations of those who will work with us.