History In Color

In the photo retouching world there has always been a niche for the historian, or simply those fascinated by our shared past. I myself started out as a restorer and colorist so it’s an area that holds special interest for me, and I’ve always enjoyed viewing the portfolios of those artists who painstakingly bring black

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Unretouched and Beautiful

This summer, a few swimwear brands are making their marketing campaigns louder by refusing to retouch their images. The 21-year-old founder of Rheya Swim, Chloe Madison told Seventeen that she wasn’t happy with the images of her body “enhanced to someone else’s idealistic version of it.” She claims she sent them back and asked for all of the retouching

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Camera Sensors, Megapixels and How They Affect Post-Production Results

We are excited to share a guest article from Ontario-based commercial photographer Gerry Kingsley: In this article I’d like to talk about the difference between sensor types, sizes, megapixels and how they affect post-production, while keeping the technicalities to a minimum. Sensors Sensors today come in a few different types and various sizes. The two most common

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