A PSD That Shows You What Every Adjustment Layer Is Doing Via Curves

When you use an adjustment layer in Photoshop that manipulates colors, you don’t see the coding that goes on behind each of them. What if you were able to understand exactly what is happening?

Now there’s finally a way!

Edmon Amiraghyan, Los Angeles-based photographer and retoucher, brilliantly made this PSD where he shows us exactly how each adjustment layer is translated using a curve. It sounds complicated, but I made a video that explains in detail on how this works and why this is amazing.

Let’s say you use the selective color adjustment layer, how would that look if you were trying to do the same process using a curve?

This shows you how.

Click here to download this PSD file.

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10 thoughts on “A PSD That Shows You What Every Adjustment Layer Is Doing Via Curves

  1. Pratik is a Genious!!! Thank you very much for sharing this. I think this is the most valuable thing i’ve found since i started as a digital artist.

    • Mario, it was made my Edmon, mentioned in the video and the comments. But I know he wanted to get this out there and together we got this video up, and Julia helped us publish it through the RA channel. I think everyone should know about this so I am happy to hear it’s getting in the right hands!

      • I was there when Edmon first showed it to Pratik and I remember how excited we all were, but watching the video that you made was just as exciting to watch as it was to see it for the first time, Pratik!

        Thank you so much for sharing it with the RA readers!!!

  2. It’s interesting, for sure, and a marvel of engineering, but I’m not sure I see the use. One could use it to approximate, for example, a Selective Color layer and a couple of Curves layers with a single Curves layer, but beyond simplifying the Layers palette, what does that serve? Adjustment layers like Channel Mixer or Vibrance can’t be replicated with curves because they’re content-dependent.

    Maybe helpful as an instructional aid? To help free people from Photo Filter or Brightness/Contrast by showing them how they can do all that and more with Curves? Ingenious, nevertheless.

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